Red Rose for Lyn

There was once a brother and sister who lived with their stepmother,who treated Jack and Lyn cruelly. One day Jack could not stand it anymore and the two children leave the house . They went in a far away place so their stepmother will not find them, but they dont know their stepmother, who was a witch, had seen them go and angrily, used her magic powers to make lyn have a disease. Jack didn’t know what to do to help her sister. On each day passed lyn become weaker and weaker . Jack find a doctor near their place ,but no one could tell him the cure to make lyn become better again. Jack started to pray hard everyday.Until one day an angel heard his prayers and went down to help him. The angel told him that he need to find the magical red rose in the garden of his stepmother to break the spell . “Jack I heard your prayers and I’m here to help you. Your sister will become better again once you find the magical red rose ,its juice is the cure to  cast the spell” the angel said. “Thank you Angel . I will do everything to save my sister” Jack replied in a shaky voice.  Jack did not waste his time, he went to his stepmother garden and find the red rose ,but when Jack picked the rose her stepmother appeared infront of him with its appearance as a witch . Jack was so afraid and held the rose so tight, he run as fast as he can into the woods. He reach their house where lyn stayed and he immediately boil the rose into the water and give it to lyn to drink . As soon as lyn drink it the spell was broken and it was passed to their stepmother . Jack and Lyn  lived happily ever after.


Author: knowledgevulture

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." ---Albert Einstein

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