Majestic New World

I dream of leaving this world and being there in a majestic new world where beautiful mountains and plains can be found, fragrant and colorful flowers exist, clean rivers with different kinds of fish are there. There are also too many stars in this place. I tried to catch some of it, but I cant reach them. That is why I decided to walk around and scan this wonderful place. When I felt that Im tired, I sit under the tree and there I search for something my eyes couldn’t see. In a blink of an eye, I realized that I am alone, all alone in this paradise. My happiness turns into sadness, I stare for one last chance in the beautiful masterpiece infront of me. I momentarily hesitate if I still wanted to go back in my own world, but everything made sense. My head spins faster and the realization strikes me harder. It is crucial to admit that I am already captivated in this place and I dont want to wake up from this magical dream. My tears flow like a river, suddenly happy memories flash and turn. It was like my life was played like a movie. I saw all my loved ones smiling at me. I dont want them to see me crying, so I wiped my tears and I stood straight. I happily waved back at them as if they can still see me from where I am. I chose to stay in this world where violence, pains, fears and heartaches doesn’t exist. I chose to close my eyes and never open it again.


Author: knowledgevulture

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." ---Albert Einstein

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