Attitude Matters

It was a sunny day when I went in Makati, I was fortunate that there was no traffic in EDSA or else I might look haggard and I will be late in my date with my sister. When I arrived at the city I saw different people wearing formal clothes there are also some students and foreigners walking by. The movement of the people was so fast as if they were running of time while me I am just enjoying the view of the gigantic buildings there. It must be the corporate world I told to myself. When I felt anxious, I decided to enter in the company where my sister works and there I find something to sit on. As I look on my wristwatch I realized that I came early on time, so I just decided to observe. The people sitting next to me were reading a business magazine while there are some who were just talking and laughing. The place was clean and there was this janitor who was mopping the floor repeatedly. His job was so tiring but he looks so determined and happy. As I shift my eyes into another direction I saw this man who wear a black suit with his loosely colored orange tie, with his hair on style, he looks younger as if he was just 25 years old. He walks fast inside and he doesn’t seem to pay attention to the people around him even if they were greeting him. Almost all of the employees near him bowed at him then I realized that he must be a high profile man based on the actions of the employees towards him. The man suddenly stops at the janitor whom at the moment was busy mopping the floor. “Excuse me” the man uttered. At the sound of the man’s voice the janitor face him and he was terrified and nervous as he saw the man speaking to him. “Do you know who I am?” the man irritated asked. The janitor bowed his head and nervously held the mop and answered “Yes…. Yes…. Sir…. “. Who I am? “You are my boss Sir Red” “Then why didn’t you bow your head when I enter in this building?” The janitor was almost crying when he replied. ” I’m sorry Sir Red I didn’t see you coming because I was busy mopping the floor “.”That’s not an excuse you poor creature! I am the owner of this building and all of you must give courtesy to me!” The boss angrily shouted at the janitor. “Pardon me sir please” the janitor cried, begged and knelt down, but the boss just dismissed him by saying “You’re fired”. The boss walked out and everyone in that building acted like they heard nothing. I pitied the janitor just because he didn’t bow he will be terminated. The boss didn’t even consider his reason. It’s an injustice to the part of the janitor. It is a sad reality how some people do not care to the feelings of others. Mr. Red was so arrogant he thinks highly of himself. Yeah he may be the boss he has the right to terminate his employees anytime he wants but he must still be considerate to them. He must try to listen to them; he lacks the empathy among others and doesn’t even care.  Attitude matters all the time whether you are the boss or the employee you must have a good attitude towards others. At that point I just walked out and prayed to God that he will touch the heart of that man that’s the only thing that I can do.


Author: knowledgevulture

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." ---Albert Einstein

25 thoughts on “Attitude Matters”

  1. oh wow…the boss, Sure. But he would get more respect out of his employees if he ruled with a lighter hand than with an iron fist, People would look at him as a leader, indeed it’s sad about the janitor :-/

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  2. My heart breaks for the janitor. People can be so inconsiderate, compassion lacking, and egotistical. Clearly the janitor is more in tune with humanity. I pray too the boss will have a change of mind and heart if not this time for the future. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate your writing!

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