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​Bon Vivant Voyage Gastronomique(Food Trip Adventure)

By:Riza Marcelo and Trixi 

Photos by: Angelica Jarapa

CHUBBIES restaurant is owned by Ronald Sioson, educated at the Culinary Institute of America.


50 Lilac St. Marikina, 1811 Metro Manila

Open from 10 am-10 pm

Hi! Food lovers out there! Try CHUBBIES QCINA. The place was great with a homey ambiance. Upon entry you will really feel home sweet home with its old vintage style, this restaurant is good for people who want to relax themselves after a long tiring week of work and school. It is also great for those who want to hang out with their family and friends. The place is cozy with lots of comfortable wooden seats and sofa set to sit on.

It was just a normal day when my friends and I found a very special place. It was the CHUBBIES café, beforehand, we’ve seen lots of restaurant in Lilac. Restaurants that promise a day of satisfying meal.

It brought a homey feeling because the design of the café is just like the houses built during the Spanish Era. The decorations, good choice of music, as well as the dim light created a peaceful ambiance. The place was well ventilated and we also love how the tables were arrange. The distance between each table provides the customer a privacy and enough space to move freely. There are also a variety of table and chairs. Some people can occupy the tables near the server while others can occupy the tables in the far corner.

We try their BBQ pizza and Nachos. The service was good and the waitress is amiable. Our mouth watered upon the aroma of the BBQ pizza being served to us. We got really excited when we saw its elegant yet simple plating. At the first bite we fell in love with the thin crust of pizza rumbled out into our mouth. The crunchiness of it produces a delicate sound plus the sweet and sour taste of its juicy meat toppings. The mild flavor of Mozzarella and its rubbery texture together with the hard dry texture of Parmesan complements well. While on its toppings you can easily taste the Marinara sauce and the BBQ flavor of it.

Next, we also try their Nachos. CHUBBIES’ Nachos is superb, with its good dressing. It’s a good combination of meat and veggies which will suit to your diet. The Nachos taste like heaven, with its crispy chips and piquant vegetables seasoned with pepper. Its meat sauce is incredibly amazing, a mixture of garlic cream sauce, cream cheese, milk, salsa, and grated onions and chili peppers. Your taste buds will really feel the roller coaster because of the saccharine, and the piquant flavor it produce. It really touches your umami. We recommend you to try it, for only P220.00 you can avail their BBQ Pizza and and you can also try their sulit nachos for an affordable price of P150.00. It’s good for sharing with it’s dainty and generous serving. 😊

The Morning Star

​By: Riza Marcelo, Trixi Madera, and Angelica Jarapa

“Ranks and titles doesn’t matter.”—–Joselito Rivera

Joselito Rivera is one of the most down to earth person we’ve ever met. He graduated at Ateneo de Manila University. He does consulting job in different companies, and also work for NGO and other political works more on the national level during Marcos regime. His first job was in Philippine Airlines and he was the youngest member in the team during that time. He also worked in Ericcsson TeleCom Company where he learned a lot of knowledge and skills in Managing and leadership. He is the Chief Operating Officer of the DNL group of companies, a progressive group of company cited by a European Business Digest as one of the two Filipino Global challenger in the world. He’s also in charge in LAU foundation which allow him to continue helping other people. He is the President of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina. It is in his DNA to help other people around him. Mr. Lito Rivera was able to gain the trust of the people around him because of his honest intention. He is approachable, funny, and amiable not only to the school administers, and teachers, but also to the students. His sweet and gentle smile, and cheerful personality make the people around him to feel comfortable while socializing with him. He is soft spoken, intelligent, caring, and well respected. Honestly, words are not enough to describe his good heart. 

Wherever I’m put I tried to do my best because to me it’s more than just a job for me it’s an opportunity to help.”— Joselito Rivera

Interviewer: What are your happiest moments when you are a child? 

Interviewee: Aah maybe not one particular moment or specific moment I could think of what am I happy about ahh. First having born with a twin brother I’m very happy about that ahh why? I think yeah because how many get a chance when that they come out meron na agad silang agad kalaro di ba. Ok so I was born with a playmate and a companion from the very beginning up until now having a BFF right away ,but it doesn’t mean that we get well along 100% all of the time. Syempre any brothers once in a while we have disagreements when we were kids nag-aaway. These days we were busy and we seldom see each other I guess there’s a special connection between twins that’s why that’s one I’m very happy about. Another thing I’m very happy about is I grew up with well my parents are there we live in a compound ahh and the twins in particular cared for by my Ninang one of the things I’m very happy about it’s from her that I experienced unconditional. In psychology they call it unconditional positivity, spiritually that’s where I experienced God’s unconditional love from her and that has influenced a lot now. I realized on the way I raised my kids, on the way I relate with all of you ahh like for example, I remember during the music fest oh because you didn’t friend me you didn’t see my post. (all of us laughs) So while, I was very happy with music fest there were parts I felt a bit sad when a few not all, a few of our students I think got so happy and forgot the responsibility of being a Marikeño so to me that’s an example. In that post I said na nalungkot ako pero kung something like nung dulong post ko kung magkakaroon tayo ng ganto ulit magkakalat pa rin kayo ng basura pupulutin ko pa rin yung basura nyo and where did I pick the top? ahhh… well I learned it from my Ninang while we were kids and growing up we were not perfect as well ahh…In my time when you go home at 3 in the morning that’s bad. One time I went home at 3 in the morning, I was in college so I went home I guess in a party 3 in the morning ini-expect ko na sasabunin ako. I get reprimanded no and maybe grounded. Now when I open the door my Ninang was there and then with much caring she just asked me “kumain ka na ba?” To me that hit me parang from that time onwards I did go home na from 3 in the morning 2:30 na lang atleast hindi 3 diba. (Jokes and laughs) So now my point is to be the experience of being the unconditional love at least is more powerful than being lectured or hard to them. So yun to me that’s a powerful experience as a child ahm a lot of powerful happy memories with my tatay my grandfather sa Dela Paz ahh si Tatay Andres.

Interviewer: Who was the biggest influence in your career?

Interviewee: Maybe not career per se, but ahh life ahh… one is well my ninang. I talk about her then the whole family naman my tita , my mom, my dad, but yun nga sabi ko I grew up in our compound at Sta. Elena, while all of them were doctors yung tatay namin, yung lolo ko Si Andres Dela Paz ano sya entrepreneur ,but he’s always helping people ahh. In fact siya yung project lead ni… at that time Marikina was part of Rizal the governor was Gov. Rodriguez that’s why the Marikina Sports Complex today it’s used to be called Rodriguez Sports Complex yung tatay Andres ko nagpagawa nun. Kaya yung ginagawa yun natatandaan ko ahh maliit pa kaming kambal pero cute na kambal (laughs and giggles) nagpupunta kami dun nung ginagawa yun. In fact when the swimming pool was new kami yata yung isa sa unang nag-aral magswimming dun e and our teacher, swimming teacher was the olympian or the olympic coach Bert Lozada ahh… but that was many years ago, but when my grandfather, tatay Andres was always going around town helping other people so pano naging influence yun ako, well one is that. The second big influence in my professional life actually my personal life and my professional life there are the same. The Jesuits of Ateneo ahh previous to the Jesuits to me going to the church. I couldn’t understand people going to church then pagkatapos mumurahin mo lang yung katulong mo. Yung trato mo sa ibang tao, hindi ko mareconcile. With the Jesuits I learned many things ahh one, that God is not to be feared. Di ba may kasabihan God fearing. I don’t bind that to me God is an ever loving, unconditionally loving God. With the Jesuits I met a God who loves me even while I’m committing the worst of sins. I met a God who accepts me for who I am even if I don’t achieve things but because of that ahh I’m trying to give back to that unconditional love. I also learned to learn things like God created each one of us and gave each one of us gifts not just to be use for ourselves but to yes to help others so you notice the consistency between my family and my meeting with the Jesuits in Ateneo di ba so because of that I learned to well … I’m not Summa Cum Laude , I wasn’t even in the Dean’s List ,but I learn to harvest whatever little gifts God had given me but to use it not only for myself but to use it to help others even if I’m in the corporate world .
Interviewer: Aah pwede ba yun Sir that you are in a corporate world and you are still working?

Interviewee: You know many years ago while I was in college kase I was involved in a lot of organizations ahh some of them organizing communities, some of them organizing labor unions, some political and there was a course in college called Theology of Liberation . It talks about having justice especially for the poor at that time ahh hindi naman the only model but the conventional thinking. You work for the bottom to change the societal system of injustice and unfairness but then when I started working professionally my first job was Philippine Airlines. I realized that if you are in a position of power you can use power to do good and biglang na-realize ko na teka muna a lot of people work in a company specially if it’s a big company so when you do good from a position of power you impact let’s say a company has 5,000 employees you impact on the lives of 5,000 employees plus their families ahh perhaps it’s too difficult to change the entire country but wherever yun eh that’s the other realization. Wherever God puts me perhaps that’s where I’m called to in my own little way. We try to change things di ba? So to me big influence yung Jesuits because it taught me all of these things even as I rose in the corporate world there’s always a sense of mission and purpose to it while at the same time looking proper targets for example like the way I approach you ahh we can talk I’m approachable, but it doesn’t mean I’m not strict with standards In fact I am, so even in my corporate life I am the same as I am with you. To me ranks titles they don’t really matter. Ang importante I’m doing what I’m supposed to do or what I’m called to do and I’m trying to raise people up, but part of raising people up may actually be demanding. Better work, better quality of work, higher standards, but so to me even demanding higher standards is part of helping someone too. For example, someone presenting a business strategy by asking that person questions. I hope I’m helping the person to improve his thinking and helping the person in the process, helping the person lean and help him meet his objectives. I don’t simply ask questions to challenge or to put down another. I ask questions so that the picture is complete. It helps us move forward and at the same time help the person grow.

Interviewer: What is your most significant accomplishment as a professional?

Interviewee: Accomplishment. If I look it from, at it from the eyes of the world, meaning from the practical point of view…ahm I guess there are two. One is my being global head. I was global head for leadership, okay, for Ericsson.

Interviewer: You are really born to be a leader Sir, I guess.

Interviewee: Hmm I don’t know (laughs).

Interviewer: Because of your qualities.

Interviewee: No. So… Global Head for leadership….so that’s significant because ahh I guess there…there a lot that a Filipino’s who reach that level but I feel blessed not lucky. I feel blessed that God gave me that opportunity. So my view was really and in that position I got the view of…the very best in the world. The best. The best business and management rules, the best companies, the best universities, the best consultants, the best technologies especially tech, tech company kami so all of that dealing and leading people of different nationalities at the same time, leading teams virtually. That’s why, that’s why even if I’m not here every day physically the organization runs. Why? Because I’ve been trained to lead that way kasi if I’m leading what? 15 regions I cannot be in each region… at the same time. So, I am trained to lead even if I’m not physically there. Ah…for example, I may not be here but I’m talking to Ma’am Avi, the department head, etc. every day, I put up a, we use different channels, we use platforms, we use what’s app, we use messenger, we use ah…we do phone conferences ah…so everything moves. So I’m very used to leading multiple organizations all of the same time. So, that’s one. The other is ah…that’s one significant thing. The other significant thing which I’m very thankful for now is being COO, Chief Operating Officer, of ah…the DNL group of companies. It’s a low-key but very progressive group of companies. In fact, it has been cited by a European Business Digest as one of two Filipino global challengers… in the world. Ah…I’m very happy about that because intellectually it’s a…it’s very stimulating for me ah…at the same time ah…the company are also in charge of the Lao Foundation which is the corporate foundation which allows me to continue helping, they also allowed me to continue helping in PLMar. So, my, in fact, I posted it on Facebook but since you didn’t friend me you didn’t see. I posted something like, I don’t remember the exact post but something like very stimulating. I’m very grateful for this day. I said, I think I started with a…my day started with a strategic business meeting on ba-blah blah blah, then the next was on risk management, then the next was on quality, then the next was on HR, then I had to, then the next was on market and market communication, then I had to leave because I had to take care of some scholarship program for LFI, and then in, at night I went around PLMar di ba? Then I said I think I ended my day at like 10, 10:30 at night and then…oh! We’re not friends on Facebook so you don’t know di ba? (Laughs). Then at night when I get home I spend the time chatting with students. So ah…I said very grateful for the opportunity to have all of those and ah…Oo. Basta ito yung malinaw sakin. Wherever I’m put I’ve tried to do my best because to me it’s more than just a job. For me, these are opportunities to help. For me, all the time it’s service. So, wherever I’m placed I do my best and it just so happen that maybe ah…maybe my superiors found me doing well that’s why I get promoted di ba? That’s why I moved to certain places. So going back ah at this point in time I don’t aspire ah…in the corporate world to be anything ah…right now. What’s important to me is that…I’m able to help you improve your lives and what does that mean? It means…beefing ups. Strengthening where it needs strengthening PLMar so that it can prepare you guys better for better opportunities outside ah… Ahm…to tell you honestly I’m not content with the opportunities being given to you now. Because I think, I think with better…with a better PLMar…it can be a view better opportunities outside. However, I do accept that we have challenges compared to other schools. We have challenges in terms of budget. Mayor Marcy has done a very good job in terms of supporting us. Ah, financially, budget, lahat. But still given what we’re facing.  We need, we still need more. But these things can’t be done overnight. It will take time, it will take time. So, for example, a while ago, I was teasing you about your English di ba? That is so important. When I talked to PESO in the city hall before I came to PLMar, I was told that part of the reason why those applying were not accepted is because of English and that’s… as much as I appreciate our Linggo ng Wika, I appreciated it very much, we need to up it. Things like, I know that the public schools system provides better pay. And it’s good to ambition, to teach in a public school system. I think it’s honorable, I think it’s good. But I also think you should ambition to teach in schools like Ateneo, LA Salle, etc., etc. Ah…one, so it’s still helping but at the same time I’m not  sure about the pay scale but I’m under the impression that you get better pay, you get better opportunity etcetera, etcetera for Educ. or here. What are the private schools here? The private… Ingenium. It’s very good di ba? APEC is very good ah…But I’m not putting public school down ah…I think they are very good, I think it’s honorable but that shouldn’t be the only option because I get the impression right now that that’s what we push forward.

Interviewer: How does your career/profession created value in your life?

Interviewee: Ahh… my career…umm well my career eh, fortunately, for me. One, my career help me acquire more skills ahh… I was given roles there where I needed to learn, learn while working ah at the same time I was sent to Performal development so those two help me handle that and then the experience and exposure alone especially ah working for Global Company the global positions while at the same time keeping my feet on the ground. I mean I continued working with for example, when I was based in Stockholm. Ah I’m only been in Stockholm 15 days in a month the rest of the time I’m travelling all over the world so even ah opportunity to work with different nationalities, to be in different countries, assimilate the culture while at the same time I was based in Stockholm. I was helping our embassy I was helping OFW’s etc. etc. I was feel helping here through so to me learning, learning both skills wise but also mindset and well reinforcing my heart the ano to help.

Interviewer: What goals are you still working on?

Interviewee: Goals…ah…to me…PLMar is…my goal, the goal I’m really working on…is to get PLMar in a state where it really, really helps you, the students be better prepared…either for entrepreneurial work or employment… but at positions that allow you to get better pay…so that you can improve your lives ah…and to me that what drives me. It’s not, I’m not aspiring for any career ngayon in the corporate world. I’m not ambitioning to be…a company, well, in the first place, as I said I never ambition foe anything, for any position.

Interviewer: Do you have any regrets regarding your career path?

Interviewee: Ah. None I’d feels like anyone I have my own failures so not big ones little ones but I realized that God also make use of them to makes us learn.

Interviewer: What do you think will be your legacy in education or in your profession?

Interviewee: Ah actually, hindi ko masyadong iniisip yun no. I don’t think of that too much but… kasi yung legacy is for the self eh. I don’t think of it much but… but if I… let’s say how do I want to be remembered? Okay I want to be remembered as someone who tried to help… and tried to do his best.

Interviewer: As you look back in your career what was the most painful lesson you acquired to learn?

Interviewee: Most painful… fortunately none. Ah! Yah ah… none.

Interviewer: What is your philosophy of education?

Interviewee: To bring the best out of the students. Kaya nga ilabas yung angking husay at galing because I believe you already have it it’s our role to help you bring it out. 

Interviewer: At what point in your life did you change direction, pick up new things and make significant decisions?

Interviewee: Ah when I shifted from HR to the Business Ad. When I was in Ericson ah I was already the Asia Pacific Head at the same time Ericson Philippines and then I was given- I remember the Global Head said “We recognize you’re… you’re not an HR person in the tradition, not just an HR person in the tradition based on strategy, based on business, based on operations, blah blah blah… they said will go, would like to give you an opportunity to head whatever it is. Di ba? And we’re giving you- akala ko one week to take it over we’re giving you thirty minutes to take it over. Sabi ko, “Thank you it’s a life changing decision giving me thirty minutes.” (Laughs) umm… to me that was the biggest one of the biggest lives that I made.

Interviewer: Is there any advice you would want to give to the students, faculty, and the rest of the school administration?

Interviewee: Well for… for the students… try to know… the gifts that God gave you because most likely if you follow that… that is where God wants to lead you. But it’s not that you can’t discover that just in a snap of a finger. You need to take a look at yourselves, you take you need to look at the experiences being sent to you way… and from their trusting God to lead you di ba? Ahh…ah! Don’t get me wrong I’m not a saint, I’m not per- far from that. I’ve had my own struggles blah blah blah but I’m still struggling no. But the learning is there. Now I’m learning more to be led… ah… I’m allowing God to lead me at this stage in my life more trying to do everything by myself.

Interviewer: How about you advice to the faculty and the rest of the school administration?

Interviewee: The faculty umm… that being an educational institution you should be caring about the others particularly the students that comes first.

Interviewer: Are you in favor of extra judicial killing?

Interviewee: Ah, no, no while I do appreciate that there criminals no… To me everyone has to go through the justice system no. And I understand it’s frustrating. I understand ahh it’s not a perfect system far from perfect but to me what’s happening now, all the killings to me I’m not in favor of that. But I believe, but I believe the in is.. alam naman nila pala kung sino yung mga.. ah ano ba? Salarin. Bakit hindi hulihin? At padaanin sa sistema di ba? To me what’s happening now is killing all over indiscriminately. To be honest with you I worry about you guys. I really do. I worry about you guys. Look at the age group that is being hit now di ba? In fact, in fact someone sent me a PM saying ah… there’s someone in PLMar was a pusher. When I asked give me evidence, they sent me a Facebook page that says the former girlfriend of this guy sabi ko… form- you’re going to base your accusation on the accusation of a former girlfriend. Sabi ko, malay mo galit lang yung, yung former girlfriend. See, that’s what I mean eh, that’s what I mean, it’s not based on… it’s based on hearsay you will act, it’s dangerous. It’s very dangerous. So, to me I’m not in favor of it. I do support though the President’s war on drugs. But maybe the means… I don’t agree with.

Interviewer: How does your view affects your school? 

Interviewee: None, I’m just protective of you guys. I’m protected of you. Someone for example said, suggested ahh… let’s mo- ah…random drug test in your school. Okay, in my head, yah that’s good but what will you do if you find out someone’s on drugs? Di ba? Di ba? So to me, I’m what protective of all of you but it doesn’t mean I condone you drugs ah. I don’t, I don’t like it. I don’t want it, if I found out there’s a pusher here where going to act but not via extrajudicial killing no… where going to catch that guy. But I’ll make sure that guy stays alive and goes 

​Jesus’ Parable of the Sower ❤💙

Once upon a time Jesus was teaching people about the word of God. Many people from different places come to listen to Him. Jesus told the story of the farmer. He began his story.
There was once a farmer who went to plant. He scattered the seeds from his bag. Some of the seeds fell on the path, but the birds just eat them up.

Other seeds fell on the rocky soil where there was no soil. The seeds grow, but the stones got in the way and the plants bend and died quickly. Some fell among thorns which grew up and choked the plants. But some seeds, fell into the good and fertile land, where it grew and grew stronger. And every plant doubled more than the farmer had planted.

What is the meaning of the story? The people asked. “Please tell us.” ”It is about what happen when people hear God’s words.” Jesus said.

Some people don’t mind the words of God, so it is snatch away, like the seeds that are being eaten by the birds. While there are people who are glad to hear the word of God, but only at first. When they are facing a big problem, they are like the plants that easily bend and died. There are also some people who were so busy in being rich, and so worried about the things they need to do that they don’t have enough time to listen just like the seed that was choked by thorns. But there are people who really listen and accept the word of God. They are like the plants that grew stronger and was doubled.

“We want to be like the plant that grew stronger Lord.” ─ The people said.

Magical Discovery❤

Language like a wind, shifts and blow 

Forever changing, you should know

A magical discovery

A gift, full of mystery

Language a powerful guide

It open our consciousness wide

Communication of the soul 

Reach its peak from pole to pole

Words, phrases , enchanting sound

Dark light ideas to be found

A magical world of adventure

With sweet agony of nature

This magic opens your mind 

Light of life you  find

Through la experience we gain 

Memories of happy and pain

 A process of life long learning 

As long as the time keeps running

To lose knowledge is what I fear 

A sad face I dont want to bear .

Roadtrip to Nowhere

Tagline: Manila’s Hottest Radio Station, Baby Shark FM

*background music of song*

DJ Kinemerut: I’m DJ kinemerut along with DJ Kemperpop and we bring you another round of “The Spooky Night Tales”

*fading in and out creepy laugh*

DJ Kemperpop: Another night of stories from a sender and avid listener

DJ Kinemerut: Let us put on the creepy background music to give us that kind of vibe

*creepy background song of choice*

DJ Kinemperpop: We have randomly selected from the mailbox. Let us see who sent it. DJ Kinemerut can you please hold the box while I shuffle these envelopes

DJ Kinemerut: Behold the lucky sender whose story we are about to share with you guys. It is entitled, “Road trip to Nowhere” Brace yourselves for here we go.

SETTING: In the Car (road trip towards a resort)

*pop music playing in the background *

Donny: Hey Christie did you pack some food? Can you toss me a diet cola and some potato chips?

Christie: Here you go Donny. Keep your hands off my compartment, what are you rummaging in there for?  *irritated tone*

Donny: secrets *say this while laughing*

Christie: what a total jerk, I don’t have secrets *smacks Donny hard in the shoulder*

Donny: Owwww what did my shoulder ever do to you?

Ashley: Can you quit it, you two?! I am trying to take a nap in here and I can’t possibly do so when you two keep on banging my seat

Donny: Awwww stop being so crabby, you’re starting age a decade you old hag.

Ashley: Spare me from your smart ass remarks Donny or I might break your nose

Alex: Woah guys, no one is breaking anyone’s nose. Chill

Ashley: Just keep him away please. I need to get some sleep

*Donny irritates Ashley by mimicking what Ashley said*

Alex: Just shut it Donny, just listen to the radio

*radio starts to give off whirring sounds*

*Donny taps on the radio*

Donny: what the heck, even the radio is having a fit

Brielle: can someone take their turn on the wheel? I want to take a break. Donny can you please?

Donny: Fine, I’ll drive, pull over so we could switch seats

*car comes to a halt*

*sound effects of car stopping and opening of car doors*

*starts engine*

In the car 

Donny: Guys the gps doesn’t show anything. Where are we heading to anyway?

Brielle: Just keep your eyes on the road.  I think we are getting close

Alex: Really ? because I feel like we’ve been going round in circles

*engines dies down*

Alex: Darn it! Brielle didn’t you fill the tank before we left

Brielle: of course I did. Do you think I am stupid enough that I’d allow us to be stranded in the middle of nowhere?

Christie: Guys? What is going on?

Alex: Car engine died and we are in the middle of somewhere, most probably nowhere near possible inhabitation. I mean look at this, it is pitch black outside. I can’t see a thing. Is there any of you smart enough to bring flashlights?

Brielle: I did, at the back of the trunk. Give me hand will you?

*sound opening car trunk*

Brielle: here you go guys, now stay close, we don’t want anyone getting lost don’t we

Christie: don’t you think we should call for help? Maybe Miranda and the other guys could give us a lift?

Donny: here is my phone. Hold on, there is no signal

Christie: okay seriously???? First the car then the phone, what a creepy coincidence

Ashley: I think we should walk a little, see if we can ask for help from anyone

Donny: I don’t think that is a good idea, we could get lost. We don’t be able to find our way back

Brielle: Donny is right, we should stay close to the car. Who knows, someone might come stealing our supplies.

Christie: everybody back to the car, roll down the windows so we could get some air. I think we should wait for sun up to do anything. We see better in day light.

Donny: I’ll stay up as guard. We’ll take turns. 

Narrator: the rest of the group decided to snooze with Donny standing as a watch guard. When suddenly there were heavy footsteps heard outside. Everybody was awakened.


Brielle: Donny? Where is Donny?

Alex: he was just right beside me

Christie: maybe he was the one who made the sound

Narrator: everybody scrambled out of the car but Donny was nowhere to be found. 

Alex: guys I am really starting to get scared. What if he was kidnapped?

Christie: if he was kidnapped we should have heard him scream or at least hear him get out of the car.

Alex: Donny??? Donny?? Where are you??

Christie: Brielle can you start the car? We’ll just go find Donny

Brielle: no way!!!! I am coming with you

Ashley: I’ll do it, don’t stray away too far.

Narrator: the group went as far as 20 yards from the car but there was no sign of Donny. Then the sound of an engine starting was heard

Christie: guys did you hear that? Ashley finally got it to work.

Narator: when they got back to the car, nobody was in there.

Christie: Ashley??? Oh my Gosh. Don’t tell me she’s gone too. I’ve got a bad feeling about this

Alex: we have to get out of here, I’ll drive

Christie: we just can’t leave them here Alex! 

Alex: hop in or I’m leaving you all

Christie: Alex!!! What is wrong with you????

Alex: I have a feeling this place is haunted

Brielle: what exactly is this place? We don’t even know where the heck we are.

*sounds of sobbing*

Alex: I am out of here

*Alex slams the door and the he drives off*

Brielle and Christie: What a Jerk!!!! Come back here Alex!!!!! We are going to kill you

Narrator: Alex was driving 35 meters away from where Brielle and Christie are when suddenly they heard a car crash

Brielle: What just happened???? * crying while speaking*

Narrator: They ran towards the car wreck. The car went straight towards a tree as if Alex lost control over the wheel.

Christie: What the heck Alex!!!! What did you do????

Narrator: blood was gushing out of Alex’s head. 

Brielle: Christie!!! Help me get him out

Narrator: The two struggled to get him out of the car. They decided to lay him down on the ground. Christie salvages the rest of the supplies while Brielle tries her best to nurse the injured Alex. 

*sound of sobbing again*

Christie: whoever you are, We are not afraid of you!!!!!

Narrator:  An invisible force hurls Christie flying and hitting the wrecked car

Brielle: Christie!!!!!

Narrator: Brielle comes to Christie’s aid and helps her up

Christie: That really hurt. Owwww

Brielle:  aaa…..rrreee you oookay? *say this while shivering in fear*

Christie: I’m fine, nothing compared to what happened to Alex.

Narrator: Christie and Brielle went back to where Alex was lying down but to their surprise, he wasn’t there. Christie and Brielle were so frightened that they started to cry and run while holding each other’s hand. They ran as fast as they can even though they didn’t know where.

*sound of panting and heavy breathing while running*

Narrator: Christie trips over and was knocked unconscious. Brielle can’t even feel her heart as it drums uncontrollably for fear that they are being watched by someone

Brielle: Christie… huhuhuhuhuh Christie wake up. We gotta get out of here. I just don’t know what to do. You are the only one I have left, please don’t leave me too. *cry while saying this*

Narrator: Brielle passes out beside Christie. Rain starts to pour down drenching the two unfortunate travelers.


Narrator: Morning comes. Brielle and Christie were awakened by a woman. She tries to shake them awake

Woman: what on earth are you doing, lying in the middle of the road! Trying to get yourself killed huh! You teenagers have nothing better to do than seek attention. If I was your mother I would ground you for life.

Brielle: help us *cries*

Woman: what do you mean? What happened to you lass?? *tone suddenly softens*

Christie: our friends……. someone took them, we don’t know who

Woman: I’ll get you to the police, come on hop in my car.

Narrator: At the police station, the two girls told the chief everything that happened, not missing any detail

Chief: so you’re telling me your friends disappeared out of nowhere?

Brielle and Christie: yes!!!

Chief: and there are no signs of their bodies anywhere?

Christie: we tried everything we could, we got flashlights but no sign of them. When daylight came, we were so frightened and the kind woman brought us here. 

Chief: I will send a search party for your friends and in the meantime, you girls stay here.

Narrator: night came but the police never came back. Christie starts to sob quietly while Brielle bites her nails impatiently. 

*there were heavy footsteps coming toward them*

Brielle: who’s there? Chief???

Narrator: no one answers. A faceless figure stands before them

*girl scream*

*play scary song instrumental*


Bewailing Tree

By: 4EDENG7A section

Deaf to laughter
‘Tis tree hears no joy but sorrow

There are no ears to hear gladness

No eyes for sight, but sees pain
The heart bleeds like the light turns to darkness

All but emptiness fills the hollow tree

A shattered heart cannot feel a shiver that the cold wind gave

A tree once full of gladness, now numb of joy
Its fruit are rotten by loneliness

The seeds it bore are wretched 

Its trunk covered with fresh wounds

As it saps falls like tears
Yearning to memories of spring

A coat of rain drop covers its trunk

Even summer wind blows like winter cold

A tree that’s alone, but never bold
Though it pours so hard, it stands

But never has it washed the pain away

The leaves surrender to the weight of rain

As they fall down, so as its gay
There is ache in the joints of its branches

On its boughs, it hangs grudges

Even birds avoid the tree

The nests on it abandoned

Once so alive in spring 

T’was so full of joy and green

Now, not a trace brown or jade 

All black, silver and gray
Vacant to emotions, but distraught

Leaves’ descent poses defeat

Roots whilom firm, now drooping

Scars of yesterday litter on its skin
Was so fiery red in the heat of the summer

Pale but alive in the fall

Torpid and vulnerable now in the winter

Will the next spring answer its call?
The tree blooms with gloom

It blossoms pitch-black hue

It thirsts not for water

It can only be quenched by something true
Broken branches and withered leaves

Slow painful death creeps

Darkening day, happiness fades away

And with it fades the life of the tree

Trick of Fate

Thy beauty is like a youth .

Thy face reflection of truth.

Our hearts met at the crossroad.

Beautiful day I borrowed.


Cupid stroke its magic.

It makes me fall in logic.

Love sprang like a flower.

It slowly crept my power.
From that day you’re in my heart.

Thy real magnificent art.

Puzzle with startling emotion.

Turned to hallucination.

I thought you were forever.

But were not for each other.

I am a victim of love.

A prisoner from above.
Tis heart pit of destruction.

It hurts me in motion.

My universe was shaken.

I am dying and waken.
I am a shattered glass.

That you could no longer pass.

Our story will now end.

Returning the love I lend .