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Super Summer Sale of NBS

Reading will help you travel around the world. It is a great investment in life.

Calling all BIBLIOPHILE out there!😍

Hooray! Good news! National Book Store finally opens their Summer Sale.

You can get 20% up to 80% discount.
You just have to look at the tag at the back of the book to know the discount of the item that you selected.

Red tag means 80%, green is for 60%, and white is 20% discount.

Just ask the store attendant to help you know the less price of the book.

I bought books which are all worth reading and I saved a lot of money because of the discount.

Here are some of the books I bought.

Bibliophile Starter Collection❣️

New York BestSelling Series

The Death Cure by James Dashner

New York BestSelling Author

Broken Things By Lauren Oliver

Book Three in the New York Times BestSelling Dorothy Must Die Series

Yellow Brick by Danielle Paige

Author of the BestSelling Keeper of the Lost Cities Series

Let The Storm Break by Shanon Messenger

Now a Major Motion Picture From the FilmMakers of the Lord of the Rings

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

The Sequel to Seeker

Traveler by Arwen Elys Dayton

New York BestSelling Author

The Fallen Armageddon 5 by Thomas E. Sniegoski

The fight for freedom will cost her everything

The White Rose by Amy Ewing

Better check out the nearest branch of NBS in your place and be able to grab your favorite books on its lowest price.

National Book Store Summer Sale will last on April 14, 2019 so what are you waiting for grab your books now!😍😄

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Instagrammable Milk Tea Shop


📍MLK+T Sakura 🌸

🚘 2nd Floor Belmont Place, 5 Anonas St. Project 2, Quezon City (Near Anonas Complex few steps from LRT Anonas Station 🚟)

10:00 AM- 10:00 PM (Mon-Sun)

Are you looking for an
Instagrammable Place + Milk tea?

Floral theme background 😍

So much fun if you are with your group of friends.

Prepare your OOTD for this nice restaurant branch of Amo Yamie’s Crib in Anonas.

Take lots of pictures with their nature and Sakura inspired theme.

☑️ Students/ Barkada’s Hub

☑️ Nature Friendly Ambiance

☑️ FREE Wifi 💻
☑️ Affordable prices of their menu (ranges from 70-90HP up)

How to go there:🚕
From Anonas Station, walk and turn left until you reach Watson then just walk straight path and you will see Anonas Complex, look for Belmont Place building or just ask some locals there where is Amo Yamie’s location. Their building is quite old, that’s why you will not notice it immediately, but once you enter inside there’s a lot of photographic scenes + free WiFi.

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Super Trendy Burgelicious Madness in Marikina

🚧 #2 Asarol St. Cor. Kareta St. Sto. Niño Marikina City

Land mark: Near Kowloon House, Pinoy Hot Pandesal, Dr Cadiz Clinic

To all Food Trip Lovers out there.

Good news! There is a trending burger restaurant in Marikina.

If you are looking for an affordable and delicious meals good for your family, friends, and date you must try Burgelicious Madness by PNX.🍔

It is a restaurant which offers different variants of food and delicacies such as burgers, sandwiches, pasta, rice meals, chicken meals and etc.

You can choose from their menu a lot of combo meals which are good for sharing.

You will love to try their unique and signature “Party Tower” for only P399.00 you will have the following:

  • 4 Chef’s Pick Burger
  • Cheesy fries
  • Nachos
  • Flavored fries
  • 3 different dips/ sauce
  • Vegetable Salad with beef

You will also have FREE blue lemonade 🍋 or Red Iced tea🍹if you will dine in.

We went to try their trending Party tower, barkada nachos, pasta, and hot chicken wings and it was really overloaded.

They have all the snacks that you are craving for and it is good for 3-6 persons.

The moment you eat Chef’s Burger you can feel in your mouth the crunchiness of the fresh veggies.

We also appreciate the generous serving of their melted cheese which balanced the taste of their beefy patty.

Their Barkada Nachos is only P109.00 and has a big serving of meats and vegetables such as grated tomatoes 🍅, and onions with sprinkles of cheese and an extra cheese dipping sauce.

If you are a Pasta lover try their Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta for P59.00 You will enjoy its creamy taste with touches of bacon strips🥓 and spices.

I recommend you to try their Hot Chicken Wings🍗.

It is only P89.00 and for me it is my favorite because I really love the spicy flavor of it and its sweet flavorful garlic sauce which gives twirls in my taste buds.

If you are going to visit Burgerlicious it’s best if you will go in group because it is merrier if you are many.

Try their signature burgers and you may share with us your thoughts and pictures about your Burgerlicious experience just comment down below.

Burgelicious Madness by PNX is open at 3PM- 2AM.

For more information you can message them at their FB Page:

Burgelicious Madness by PNX


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Disclaimer: This is based on my personal opinions and biasses.

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Golden Baboy Unlimited Korean Samgyupsal Opens in Q.C

🚧: 2nd floor, 735 Mindanao Ave. Corner Tandang Sora Street, Q.C

Filipinos are hooked with the dainty flavor of Korean Samgyupsal.

Finally the long wait is over. 🍢🥘

Golden Baboy has opened its first ever branch in the Philippines. Golden Baboy is a Korean grill restaurant which serves korean specialty food.

The owner purpose in building this is to let the Filipinos to experience the mouth watering taste of korean Samgyupsal.

The owner even hired a real Master chef from Korea just to provide good quality and original korean menu.

Their unlimited Korean Samgyupsal is priced at 499/pax.

(Includes korean Samgyupsal pork or beef with UNLIMITED sides + FREE Corn cheese+ FREE Egg Stew + Rice + FREE Fried Ice Cream + Ice Tea)

Me trying their Korean Samgyupsal.

They are open from Monday- Sunday (11AM-2AM)

You can choose from their 7 revolutionary grills:

1. Samgypsal

Sliced thick and tenderized fresh pork belly

2. Daepae Samgypsal

Sliced Aged fresh pork belly

3. Yangyum Samgypsal

Sliced Tenderized pork belly with seasoning

4. Gochungjang Samgypsal

Sliced pork belly with sweet and spicy sauce

5. Yangyum Daepae Samgypsal

Sliced pork belly with seasoning

6. Woo Samgypsal

Sliced and Aged beef loin

7. Yangyum Woo Samgypsal

Sliced beef loin with seasoning

This is the menu of Golden Baboy

Fresh lettuce, mushroom, garlic and green chili. You may still request for a refill.

They will gave you a generous serving of meat choices and the good thing is you can still refill it.

It was Monday when we visited their first branch. We celebrated the birthday of my boyfriend and the staff and co-owner Mr. Jeong Kyeong Ho were really accommodating and entertained us.

Mr. Hong helping us with the ingredients.

He even taught us how to cook their Samgyupsal.

Lettuce with Samgypsal put some cheese and sauce depending on how you want your Samgypsal to taste.

I like spicy food that’s why the sauce that I add is chili flavor.

They offer unlimited cheese. Make sure to melt this cheese so you can experience its sticky feature😍

Their kimchi really taste good. It’s crunchy and spicy. It’s good for healthy snacks.

We also love their egg stew. Enjoy this while it’s hot. 😍

You will also love their Unlimited sweet corn.

Cabbage with sprinkles of a mayonnaise and other seasoning.

It’s sweet flavor will balance the spicy taste of kimchi.

My favorite is the Gochungjang Samgypsal. I recommend you to try it. You should taste all of their meat options so your payment will be worth it of the price.

You may also have a chance to have their Golden Baboy freebies if you are with at least four paying customer or if it is your birthday 🤣.

They also have a raffle where in you will have a chance to win their 24k gold bar. What you need to do is just to dine at their branch starting on March 4. The end of the raffle will be on the month of June 2019 so what are you waiting for eat and visit now! 😊

You can visit their page for reservations:

Golden Baboy Unlimited Korean Grill

Reese’s Diary

My diary is my world where I can share all my deepest thoughts and secrets.

We first met when we were in college.

I am just a normal girl who doesn’t even know how to comb my hair properly and it is not a big deal for me even if all of you in the class look at me.

I know I am not a type of girl whom will make all the boys’ head turn, but I am happy being me.

I don’t like boys before. Actually my first crush in the class is not a boy but a girl.

I don’t know how we became friends.

What I remember from the first time I laid my eyes on you, nothing special happened.

I just thought that if I were a boy perhaps I am more good looking than you.

I don’t like the way you fix your hair either the way you widened your eye haha it’s because it is already big and when you widened it over and over I felt like it might just fall or burst.

Before, I am happy even if there is only one person who will talk to me.

I don’t really care about what other people might think of me.

I remember we became seatmate when we were in first year college.

You seemed so quiet and serious, that is my first impression of you, but as the days passed you slowly talked to me.

I don’t know if you are just being forced to talk with me because we are seatmates or maybe because we are always in the same group and I always became your leader or just because I saw you having a picture of our classmate in your phone haha perhaps you are afraid that I will black mail you.

Whatever your reasons are I really don’t know.

We always go in your house together with our group mates since you have a computer in your house and our project always needed that. I think we became friends because of that.

After days and months of knowing you. I proved that my first impressions of you were wrong because you are not really quiet, but you are so talkative and you are also playful and a little bit mongoloid.

You are a joker and you always make me laugh by your silly jokes.

We both have the same interests.

We both love talking about different topics.

During first year we know in our heart that we are best friends already even if we didn’t talked about it.

Our first endearment is bro, but actually I first called you “kuya” and whenever I call you that you will also call me “ate” and I don’t want to be called ate because it’s too feminine. That is why we just stick calling each other “BRO”.
I called you bro before because I treated you like my real brother.

I really wish before to have a brother like you. A brother that will always protect his little bro.

I proved that you are the best friend ever when I’ve had a problem with my grade and I need to talk with our professor.

I really cried hard because I am a scholar and I wanted him to change my grade since he mistakenly input a different grade.

You are the one whom I called. I ask you to accompany me to talk with our Prof. and you immediately said yes.

The process of changing my grade took 2 weeks and you never left me.

You are always with me at that time even if you have a lot of important things to do.

I appreciated your effort and love for me bro.

After that I really treasured our friendship. We always call each other to ask for opinions and ideas about our subjects,personal problems, and love problems. Yes, you told me all the girls you like and I also told you mine. When the semester ends we didn’t stopped to bond with each other. We still see each other. You taught me how to ride on a bike, but I never become a pro. Hahaha and sometimes we even try to go in some events together.

Second Year College🙃

At this year we were not classmate anymore. We have different specialization.
You chose to major Mathematics, while me I chose English.

Since we were not classmates anymore we became busy with our different agenda.
I started to engaged myself in debate and you know what’s good with you is that even if we seldom see each other you still don’t make any absences to all of the debate contests.

I started to build my confidence in public speaking. But, still I seldom heard anything from you maybe because we became busy.
On the other hand, I gained a lot of friends and I learned how to enjoy with different people. We started to deal with our life in a separate ways.
We often call each other just like what we always did before, but we still chat each other when our subjects requires us to ask help from one another.
You always ask me to help you to understand some literary texts that you cannot deal with because of its highfalutin words and as a return you will help me in computing some of my subjects which still requires math.

I became busy in maintaining my grades and in working as a tutor.

I’ve had numerous girl crushes on campus, but was too awkward to make a move while you at this year you had a relationship.

I remember how you just told us the news. It was like you are expecting us to kick your balls for keeping that secret to us, but no we didn’t do that we just laughed at you and gave our advices.

This is also the year when I became infatuated with my professor in Social Studies and it is not ordinary because after a year of not liking any man in school here he came, an Adonis came and captured my attention.

I was so determined to join a lot of contests in debate because I know he is one of the judges. I became motivated to study even more because of him. I even try to have a new make over and I think it’s the first time I ever tried it. I curled my hair.

I remember you keep on teasing me when you saw me in the corridor of the campus one time. You even tried to call some of our acquaintances just to tease me. You ask me why I curled my hair, but instead of answering you I just kicked and punched you.

I didn’t tell you because I know you will not stopped to tease me until I burst out of anger. I knew you, you loved teasing me.

The first one in our circle of friends who found my secret is Lance since he is my classmate, followed by Rolyn and the last is you.
I’ve had the chance to tell it to you when you ask me a favor to tell you any story that I read because you will have a book criticism in one of your subjects.
I narrated to you the story ” The Catastrophic History of You and Me” because that’s the latest book I read at that moment.
After I finished telling you the whole plot of it. I told you that I have a friend who is inlove with his 45- year old professor and I told you if it’s ok if they will have a relationship if ever.
You shrugged your head and told me if its serious?

You even told me that it is May December affair.
Then you looked me in the eye saying if is it really my friend or I.
I almost jumped out denying that it was me, but you knew me bro.

You became sad, I saw it in your eyes you then asked me why him. I just told you it’s because I like him. My heart likes him. You just smiled and told me you wanted to see him and I agreed. You managed to gave a different topic when you said that you will treat me balot and sisig because I helped you, but I don’t really know if you really understand the story because there’s a lot of car beeping in that area.

Our day ends, teasing each other you we go at our respective homes to rest and pamper ourselves.
The first time you saw him is when I pointed him to you at the canteen.
When I saw him you saw how nervous I am. I ran so fast when I thought you will call him and you laugh at me so hard. I punched you at your shoulder as my revenge.
I think my whole sophomore year revolves on liking him, while you I really don’t know what’s going on with your relationship since you always avoided to talk about it.
You just wanted to know my stories without giving yours. When the sem ends, our vacation is not like when we were in freshman we didn’t spend it with each other, but we still see each other sometimes at the church and if I still have time I will just dropped by in your house trying to connect to your Wifi.

Third Year College

I still wish that Ra will become my professor in Economics this time, however my wish was not granted that’s why I just managed to be contented sneaking him out on his office during lunchtime or in our dismissal time.
I spent more time in the library hoping that I will see him there. While you bro I didn’t know what exactly happened to you aside from you are now dealing with your crucial subject, Trigonometry.

You tried to connect with me again. You always ask me to go out with you every Saturday if I don’t have a class and I just tell you my problems on love and you will also share yours.
We will just walked in the park and sat on the grass while looking in the stars above.

We won’t mind the time, we will have random topics and you will lean on your shoulders for me whenever I cry.
You knew how sad I am that Ra wasn’t my professor this year and you also know some of my personal problems.
Starting that day you never left me again. I always ask you that you should focus on yourself not with anyone.
A little bit I know something changed on you. I just can’t understand it. I became suspicious of your actions.
You became so concerned about me and even when I crossed the road you always guided me. We keep on updating each other about what’s new with our life.
Then one time just out of the blue you told us you wanted to break up with your girlfriend and we just told you to think of it whatever your decision is we will support you if it will make you feel better, if it’s for good.

You don’t tell any of our friends either me the reason why you wanted to break up with her, but as your bestfriend I keep on asking you again and again.

I tried to be an investigator then you know what I found out.
I think it’s because you have fallen out of love or should I ask do you really love her from the start?

I don’t want to question you because it is too personal and I respect you so much.

Days passed by you always stick by my side. You help me with my research paper for free. You became my consultant and statistician. You never fail on texting me and somehow sometimes my friends are already teasing me to you, but I always get mad because you are my kuya and I never considered that idea in my entire life. I even told to myself before that any romantic affiliation with my friend will destroy our friendship.

I don’t know, but I also know you will never like me. I had a hint before that you are in love with one of our friends, but it’s not me. I was not sure who it was or should I say I am blind not to see it.

It was a Sunny day we are exchanging messages. We have random ideas. We teases each other, I don’t know how our conversation lead somewhere else. You told me you are in love with a girl and you don’t know what to do.

I told you I am also in love with the person I can never had. You told me who it was and I don’t know I just wanted to make a joke that’s why I told you that it was you.

I am joking at that time, but then you admitted everything on that day.

I cannot afford to tell you that I am joking because you made me swear. I know it is a sin to lie, but I am too curious and I never expected that you will tell me that it was me, the woman you want, but I just thought perhaps you are just making fun of me that is why I didn’t make it serious.

We agreed to meet at park after a week to bond.

I reminisce you cried on that day and admitted everything.

It was December almost end of the semester when you told me you are going to admit something to me.

My curiosity drags me to a lot of things you will confess. I thought you will tell me that you are gay or something, but it’s more than that.

You cried it’s as if you are really in pain.

It hurts me watching you like that, that is why I also cried, but what makes me cried even more is your confession. When you told me……………. you love me.

I thought your messages are just jokes. I almost forgot it.

I thought I am sitting on a swivel chair and my world keeps spinning and spinning.

When I get my consciousness back, I punched you and asked you if it’s true.
You looked at me straight in the eye and told me you love me even before.
You told me you realized you can’t afford to lose me.

It’s as if it is just an episode in a telenovela, where in your guy bestfriend will admit that he loves you in just a blink of an eye.

At that moment I don’t know if I will be mad, happy or sad. All I know is you surprised me. You really surprised me!

I didn’t want to believe that I am the reason why you broke up with your girl before, but somehow I can’t stop my mind to wander.
I doubted your sincerity it’s as if all these years I never knew you.

I wanted to keep you, I never wanted to destroy our friendship.
After your confession to me I managed not to communicate with you for a week. I needed time to comprehend what happened, how it happened and etc. I never told it to any of my friends.

But after a week the day, before Christmas we both agreed to meet at the park to give our presents to each other. My gift for you is just a simple letter while you, you gave me a big teddy bear 🐻 and I named it Aniel.
We both recited our spoken poetry, releasing all our emotions in words. I remember you were crying while you are reading your poetry.

After that I tell you my decision, I don’t want to lose my bro that’s why I gave you a chance.

I let you court me.

I saw the sparks in your eyes when I gave you my verdict and at that moment you promised that you will never break my heart.

At first I became so awkward with you. I am not used to with your actions. You sent me love letters and chocolates. I am not used that you wait for my class to finish everyday and you will walk me home.

At first I don’t want to tell others that we are stepping up on the next stage because I know it is not easy especially that they know we are just like brothers.

It was so funny I never wear dress before. I just once wore it and I am forced because of our prom in highschool, but I did it for you on our first formal date.

I don’t know how you turned me into a lady. Starting when I entertained you. I also stop eyeing those pretty girls in campus.

I stopped acting like a mongoloid. I neglected my idea to have a girlfriend because of you.

Slowly, I healed from my crazy infatuation with my professor.

The semester ends that you always sent me your long and sweet messages and it continued even in our vacation.

Fourth Year…..

How should I explain what I am feeling when we are always together. I felt like I am safe when I am with you. I am so happy because you always make me laugh.

There is no boring day with you.

You can easily make a lot of story and I never felt bored talking and listening to your funny stories.

I must admit that I am also afraid that if I turned you down you will ignore me forever.

This is the final year. Year where we can already taste our hard work in school. We are already designated to teach in our respective school for our OJT.
We are both assigned at Concepcion Integrated High School. Luckily, we have the same schedule. Both of us are in morning shift.
You always have your baon which is good for two that is why I really saved a lot hahaha.
My practicum becomes easy because of you. You always help me by giving me some bright ideas on how I can handle my students and we help each other vice versa.
Although, many of our colleagues who saw us speculate that we are more than friends. We both know our real score and that’s the most important.
You know at that moment that you are still under my tests. It’s been hard for me to decide since I’ve never had a boyfriend, besides I wanted to assure if I still like Ra my professor before.
Days passed, we labeled ourselves as “MU”.
My students and your handled students started to ask what is our relationship. I told them you are my brother and you didn’t talked to me for 1 day because of that haha.
What will I tell them I didn’t even say yes to you.
You courted me for 1 year and 6months. I don’t know how you endure waiting for such a long time.
You knew all my flaws even on what are the things that I hate and what makes me mad.
I even quarrel you as part of my tests if you will just give up on pursuing me, but No you still manage to stick at my side even if I am not showing a wonderful rainbow, but a storm.
We had a lot of adventures when we were just best friend. No one can ever separate us not even our parents.
And I thought it will become so more crucial now.
I finally say Yes two days after our graduation it was Second of May.
In front of my two witnesses Kim and Gladys. It was just a simple day of celebration for finishing our degree for four years. Everyone of us were so happy talking about our plans.

I don’t have any idea when shall I tell you that we are official. I just brought out the box that I made and let you read what’s inside it.
I even not told to my friends that today is the day of my Final Verdict.
That is why even them were shocked and were shouting when I said Yes, I can be your Girl.
I don’t know if you remember how teary eyed you were while reading those words.
You are a timid person in front of the other people, but I know if my friends are not with us perhaps you already jumped out of joy.
What you did is you just held my hands and hugged me.
But seeing your reaction is priceless.
Now I don’t know where our relationship will lead us. I Know we are just starting.
There will be a lot of challenges that will either break us or make us. I hope we can conquer all of it.
I hope our friendship is enough as our foundation.
It is a risk that we both take and I hope we will never become a stranger.
I wanted you to become my forever.
I can’t promise you that your life with me will be great, but one thing I can promise you is that I will be your Bro no matter what happens to us.
You will always be my best friend.
I love you Bro😍

What is your love story?

Share it with us by commenting below😊

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No Longer Part of Your World

Disclaimer: This work is purely fictitious. The names, events, places, and etc. are a product of the writer’s imagination.

You used to be my universe

We used to count all the stars

We are immerse with our love

Nothing could ever break us apart

Slowly, your world expands

Suddenly I became an invincible

I am no longer part of your world

My princess have left me

Our promises faded

Memories burned

You’re now a goddess

And I’m just a mortal

You are booming

While I am falling

Can’t cry all my tears knowing

That my universe is happy even without me

This is not the ending we draw

Neither the fate we dream

But with separate worlds

If you’ll grow, I’ll be away

My heart beats slow

As I let go my beautiful star

I have lost You

I have lost My Universe.

Artwork by: Audacity and @ramramoppa

Tips on how to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers

By: Rizalyn Marcelo

I took the Licensure Examination for Teachers last September, 2018 and luckily I passed the exam, but not all who took the LET pass it. Among 217,327 takers only 79,212 survived the crucial examination. That is why I am inspired to write this article to help our aspiring teachers.

So here are some of my tips:

  1. Motivate yourself.

In passing the exam you should be driven by your dreams. To achieve your goals you should really want it. Make your love ones, family, friends, or even yourself as your motivation to pass the exam.

2. Be optimistic.

There are times that we became afraid even if we haven’t tried it yet. We already have negative thoughts that hinder us from achieving the goals we set. That is the reason why we cannot concentrate. It is because we put a lot of burdens on our back.

Do not ever doubt your ability to ace the board exam because if you do. You will not really make it.

Be positive. Claim that you will have a high board rating and give your best.

3. Exert effort.

I have a lot of acquaintances who are so positive in passing the LET, however so lazy to review their notes that is why even if they have a positive mind they still don’t manage to pass the board. It is good to become optimistic, but if you will not do anything nothing will happen.

Do not wait for miracle to happen. You have to dig first before you harvest the fruit of your labor.

Some of the Laudes in your batch may also fail. It was because they may lack time to review and to make their priorities first. Some may also fail because of underestimating the power of the exam. Others thought that the schema they had in college are enough to pass it, but it is not true.

If you are not feeding your brain with information nothing will be stored.

Being so easy go lucky sometimes put us at risk that is why it is very important that you are not just claiming victory, but you are also fulfilling your duty.

4. Make a schedule.

Give at least 1-2hours of study everyday. You may have a break on weekends to still do your other activities/work. Make sure that you provide time in reading your reviewers. Do you know that our brain will not absorb all of the information we read?

Based on Dale’s cone of experience only

10% of what we read

20% of what we hear

30% of what we see

50% of what we hear and see

70% of what we say

90% of what we say and Do

Will be remembered by us, so it is great to find out what is the best study habits for you to retain the information.

5. Invest in great books and reviewers.

Be resourceful in finding free reviewers that really have the key points or the table of specification of the exam. When I am reviewing I bought some of my books in a review center, but I did not buy all of their books because some are really pricy. I got many of my reviewers online which give it for free you just have to download or write it. I also borrowed books from my friends and I manually write and make my own reviewers in my notebook. By doing that I don’t only saved a lot of money, but I also inculcate information in my mind.

6. Have a study buddy or a group study.

If you learn best with the help of peer tutoring. This is best for you. When I am preparing for the board, I reviewed together with my friend. We shared our insights about our reviewers. We asked each other questions and it helped me to memorize my notes, but if you are more comfortable to study alone it is still ok we have different learning preference.

7. Study the TOS.

Be mindful of the coverage of your exam. Focus on the higher percentage. In our case, I am a Secondary teacher that is why the percentage of our exam are these:

20% for General Education

40% for Major Subject

40% for Professional Education

Focus on your major and Prof. Ed since they have the bigger percentage which will pull your scores higher.

8. Do not pressure yourself.

Take a break. Have plenty of sleep. Drink your vitamins. You may still engaged yourself with fun activities either with your family or friends. Do not compare yourself with others. You are intelligent in your own way. Whether you are a first timer or a retaker remember that you are good enough.

Don’t be afraid to fail. Remember failures mold us to be great. It help us to learn not to give up no matter how crucial the situations are.

Do not mind other people you don’t have to prove them anything. We all have our time just manage it wisely.

Board examination is not a race where in the first one who finish it will be the winner, but it is our training ground to achieve our dreams even if there’s a storm that will block our way.

9. Pray to God.

God is good all the times. God will help us just trust Him and surrender your heart completely. He will hug us in times of trouble.

He is our Saviour, our Refuge, our Alpha and Omega, and our Almighty Father.

He will never forsake us. Sometimes God doesn’t give us what we want not because he doesn’t hear us, but because He is just preparing us for a brighter future. You should also check your heart if the one you are praying for is for the goodness and will of the Lord if not you must align it for the benefits of all.

Do not just pray to God when you need help, but talk to Him everyday even when you are happy or victorious.

Keep fighting for your license!
Good luck future teachers of the world. May you enlighten the minds of the youth.

I hope this article has help you a lot.

What is your study habits?

You may share it with us just comment below👇

Please like and share. Thank you!

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Random Thoughts about Love

I remember someone asked me if I would have a power what would it be and why. I answered I wanted to have a potion where in I can give love to anyone, so that there will be world peace where hatred doesn’t grow and humanity will just learn to love and be loved.

  1. You held my hand tight as if you don’t want me to go. Your eyes was fire that melts my heart. My heart recognized everything. I can see the mask you had.
  2. There are four important things I have learned from us. First, love is not enough just like the process of how plants grow. Sunlight is not the sole reason why it grows. Second, Do not sulk each other with one’s root. We should not control the decision of one another. Third, I am not part of your soil. I am just a worm that eats your leaves down. Lastly, There’s always a competition between us. It’s as if you are the white sampaguita and I am a grass that surrounds you.
  3. We set our wings to fly until we reach the clouds. Together we do it above the sparkling rainbow in the sky. I look at you and you look at me. It was a magical time. I know it was forever. You make ne feel the glorious heights. I am in love with your beautiful feathers. I will always hold on you.
  4. As I jump off the highest cliff of my life. You served as my hot air balloon. You hugged me tight. You chose to feel the cascading wind which is trying to pull us apart. My heart race fast. As I gaze on the ground, but your presence makes me feel assured that there’s no monster below. You protect me from scrapes. And as I reach my final point. You covered me with your love even if it means sacrificing your own.
  5. Don’t be afraid to travel alone. For I will always be with you. Even if you can’t see me trust me I’m just here. Just feel the rhythm of your heart and remember that the moment you put me in your heart that’s the moment I exist wherever you go.
  6. I am searching another piece of my heart. I tried to be brave to face another dimension. At first it was hard, but at last I am used to, at the feeling of being alone. It’s only loneliness, I can lean on.
  7. They say if you truly love someone you should let him/her go, but what if after letting that person go you realized that the colors of your life will eventually fade away? What if along the process you saw him/her again, but this time he/she already learned how to move on. What if you cannot bring back again the other piece of your heart that was always for him/her?
  8. And I am falling deep and hard with the great steep that will blade my soul. I am falling deep and hard to the person who’ll break my heart. I am falling deep and hard on the craters of volcano and it will turns me into ash. There’s no way to avoid it to stop falling for the wrong person, and that is you.
  9. Don’t wait for someone to be your light. You should be her light instead. Make her sparkle and you will see how beautiful your reflections are.
  10. My heart was locked inside this door.
  11. It’s hard to love someone in a world full of lies.
  12. Slowly, I learned to be alone even without your presence.
  13. You have once became my sunshine, but now you are just my dark past.
  14. When we love someone we are also giving half of our soul to that person.
  15. At the end of the day we will be the one to write our own destiny.
  16. And when our world stop moving. I will still force myself to move just to find you.
  17. I will write our story again and again until we have our own version of happy ending.
  18. Our love will conquer the odds.
  19. Cupid struck me with his arrow and go straight in my heart.
  20. I wanted to have one moment with you just one moment with you.
  21. You are a precious gem I found, but I am fool to lose you.
  22. One upon a time I set standards for my ideal man, but when I met you. I learned to love unconditionally by setting aside the ideals I made long ago.
  23. Words can’t express how much I love you.
  24. I remember how slowly the fire in your eyes died whenever you look at me.
  25. I am whole before, but when you came you just broke me.
  26. If one day you realized that you don’t love me anymore. I want you to look at my eyes and let our hearts talk silently.
  27. I will not push myself to you. I don’t want to beg for your love, because if you love me you will just do it with open heart.
  28. Don’t use sweet words to fool me. When my eyes can see the truth.
  29. I am a star and you are my galaxy. I move on your orbit to show the proper motion of love.
  30. Do you know the law of motion? My heart is at rest, but when I met you. You applied force into it which cause me to fall deeper and deeper to you.
  31. Your voice is a mellifluous sound. Your emerald eyes which make my heart beats fast. Your lips which speaks poetry. And your heart which shouts my name.
  32. You are the Helen of my life. My Achilles heel. The person which I will offer my ambrosia. A true goddess indeed. The deity to whom I will offer my life.

Paintings by: Banhay Kulay Paete Artist Guild


Friend Zone

How can I tell you I love you?

If your heart beats for someone else

Far from my own version?💔

The day before Valentine’s you are in my mind.🙃
My thoughts are all about you.
I’ve been dreaming that you will ask me.
We spent our night exchanging messages, but I didn’t heard anything from you.❤️

The day of Valentine’s came.
I can see red roses everywhere.🌹
Happily couples walking and celebrating.
And then………. I saw you.😍
Finally!!! Here you are in front of me.
You wore red.
You look magnificent in your red polo.
You have with you a big teddy bear I guess….. and a bouquet of red roses.
Electricity flowed on my veins.
Wow! It was so sweet.😍
You move closer to me.
Then you tell me this
“Bro everything was prepared do you think she will love my surprise?”
I smiled and said “Yes bro every girl would love it.”

The End….

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Sir Alegre

You are a novice professor. The professor I really admire during my college days. I always describe you as the Plato of my life and I considered myself as Aristotle. I remember our first day of class when you ask me how I know you. I answered you saying that my friend tells me a lot of great things about you. Since then I wanted to impress you. I did my best to excell in your class in the first two months you always call me, because my chair was just near in front of you. Sometimes I am nervous when you just call my name because your questions about the subject matter are really crucial to ponder. You scolded me twice for not being punctual in your class and after being scolded I take it personally I told myself that I won’t be late anymore that is also the start that I distance myself on you, however I still give my opinions in literature whenever you ask me but not like before that I am very eager to participate. There are times that our Q and A becomes a debate because you really give a lot of follow up questions on me and I can’t help myself to react because you always opposes my opinions, but that never change the fact that I still look at you as an expert. You are knowlegeable in many subjects. You always lend me your great books before and that’s the way I understand how your brain works from understanding the books you read.

I promise myself that once I become a professor I will show up to you again, because I know I had an outward mediocre attitude before. I know your expectations on me diminish because of that, that is why I wanted to change it. I wanted to prove to you that I am also good, because you molded me, however it’s looks like I will never do it again, because I already lost my Great teacher. I’m so sorry for all the moments that I let you down. Those moments, when I didn’t exert my best. I know you just wanted me to become an excellent student, but I can’t understand it before. I’m so sorry😭. Thank you for everything you imparted on me.

I will never forget all the philosophies and learnings I’ve had from you. To the one who push me to write. It’s time to say goodbye now.

Au revoir Bon ami😭

Goodbye Sir Robert Alegre😭